Astral Rain

Astral Rain is my current graphic novel project.  Granted, I'm not a particularly talented artist, but a lot of graphic novelists and manga-ka collaborate with artists (if they can't draw) or writers (if they can't write) in order to produce a beautiful visual story.  So, I thought that since I deeply enjoy manga, especially shojo (manga for girls), I should write a script for one.  Even if I never manage to find an artist to illustrate Astral Rain, I can always write it as a novel or series of novels like my other works.  Astral Rain takes place on one of Earth's colony worlds, a planet called "Aura" that was cut off from Earth during a cataclysmic event.  Aura was plunged into a Dark Age and, centuries later, has managed to reach a technological level about the same of Earth's during the late 1900s, early 2000s. 

Synopsis of Astral Rain:

On one of Earth's lost colonies, a planet called "Aura," humans began developing supernatural powers due to their exposure to an element called "opalesque."  A great war broke out between normal humans, who called themselves Terrans, and the humans who developed these powers, called Sennin.  The Sennin lost the war and were wiped out.  Opalesque was contained and used to create energy, ushering in a new modern age.  The Sennin are considered little more than fair tales and boogy men...until several students at Astral High School start developing Sennin powers.

Irene Merritt is just an average student at Astral High...until a chance meeting with a mysterious boy named Matthias triggers a series of terrifying visions.  At first Irene thinks she is simply losing her mind, but when several of her classmates begin developing strange powers of their own, Irene realizes that what is happening is real.  Caught between the ancestral tensions of Sennin and Terrans, and facing a ruthless enemy that seeks with either recruit them or eradicate them, these students must band together and master their powers before they and everything they care about are destroyed.

The Cast of Astral Rain:

Irene Merritt
Irene is a quiet, slightly shy girl who likes reading, playing with tarot cards, and quiet walks in the woods.  She studies hard in school and is very responsible.  Since her mother works two jobs, Irene is alone most of the time and takes care of the household chores like cooking, cleaning, and shopping.  She tries to help people however she can, and despairs of ever teaching her best friend Jenny the meaning of the word "punctual."  For some reason, Irene gets very skittish whenever dreams or insanity are mentioned.  She has sky-blue hair, violet eyes, and her power is Clairvoyency.

Jenny Tolbert
Jenny is a boisterous chatterbox and a chronic procrastinator.  She loves to dance, party, and listen to music, but somehow manages to get her assignments in at the very last minute no matter how much advance warning she gets.  Jenny's parents both have very busy jobs as a lawyer and a news reporter, so she is often left to her own devices at home.  She and Irene have been best friends since they were small, and Jenny's relaxed attitude balances out Irene's more neurotic moments.  She has bright green hair and eyes, and her power is Telekinesis.

Matthias Kobor
Matthias is a cold, aloof boy who recently transferred into Astral High.  No one knows much about him and he rebuffs any attempts at conversation.  He doesn't say much,but is very intelligent, acing all the exams with almost no effort.  Irene seems to be afraid of him, but also drawn to him since he seems to know something about what is happening to her, although he refuses to explain.  He has dark purple hair, red eyes, and he is both a Psychic and a Time Traveler.

Linnet Darrow
Linnet's father is a history teacher at Astral High.  She is a quiet, anti-social girl who doesn't appear to have any friends and doesn't seem to mind.  Most of her free time is spent reading at the library where her mother works.  Linnet tends to dress in long skirts or costumes reminiscent of Earth's Medieval or Renaissance periods.  Her hair is an odd silver-olive color and her eyes are hazel.  When she uses her power, her eyes glow red.  Linnet is an Element-Worker, one who can wield water, fire, wind, and earth as weapons.

Peony O'Keefe
Peony is a young, bubbly, affectionate girl who always seems to be smiling.  No matter what the situation, she can find a bright side to it, which can be either annoying or endearing, depending on the person.  She's rather naive, but has a good heart and tries to be helpful.  Peony loves running up and hugging people, sunshine, flowers, and taking care of her little sister.  She wants to be a doctor after she graduates Astral High and volunteers at the local hospital.  She has light pink hair, baby-blue eyes, and her power is Healing.

Vanessa Alfero
Vanessa is a tough, no-nonsense athlete who has most of the school cowed.  Anyone who crosses her risks a beating and nothing seems to frighten her.  She spends a lot of time running on the track after school or working at her part time job at a diner in town.  She favors short hair, clothing that doesn't inhibit her movements, and always wears a blue headband.  She has black hair, ice-blue eyes, and her power is a mixture of Enhanced Speed and Teleportation.

Damian Chase
Damian is an outcast at Astral High who tends to snap at people sarcastically if they try to talk to him.  Even though he doesn't get along with people, Damian spends a lot of time watching them, like he wants to be included but can't bring himself to take the next step.  He does get along well with animals, often rescuing injured ones and nursing them back to health.  His parents are divorced and he can't stand his step-family.  Jenny and Damian spend a lot of time shooting nasty comments back and forth at one another.  His hair and eyes are brown, and his power is Shape-Shifting.