The Mariner Sequence

The Mariner Sequence is my primary writing project at this time.  It is the closest to completion, although I still have a great deal of writing to do.  The characters and most of the plot are set; I simply need to finish writing the first draft and begin the arduous process of editing.  Currently, this page will focus on the first book of the series: Ravens and Roses.  I hope to have a total of four books in the series, most of which will chronologically precede Ravens and Roses.  All the books in The Mariner Sequence take place in my fantasy world of Marina (pronounced "MARE-in-ah").

Synopsis of Ravens and Roses:

Ryn Élan is captain of the elite Ravens Company, and loyal servant and personal guard of Admiral Scion. She has served him faithfully for years, but something strange has started to happen.  The Admiral is acting less and less like himself, and Ryn's Ravens are being sent on increasingly suicidal missions.  When something bad happens to Ryn's insane little sister Marella, Ryn must choose between bonds of fealty and bonds of family.

Erasmus Ébrenn, an inquisitive young man from a farming family, wants nothing more than to remain at the Wizard School studying magic. However, students at different Wizard Schools across Marina have been vanishing under mysterious and violent circumstances.  When his best friend and fellow student Lanan disappears, Erasmus must follow a faint train of blood and deceit into the depths of Marina's capital city.

As the paths of wizard and warrior converge, the fate of their loved ones and the survival of Marina hangs in the balance. For some things with long memories are better left undisturbed...

The Cast of Ravens and Roses: 

Ryn Élan 
("RIN"  "EH-lan") 
She is the commander of the elite Ravens Company, the childhood friend and most loyal servant of Admiral Scion Argent, and the elder sister of Marella. Ryn is also a Natural, a person born on the conjunction of two or more ley-lines which gives that person one magical talent.  Her talent as a Natural is invisibility. So far she has escaped the fate of most Naturals (physical crippling or insanity) but the possibility hovers over her. A stern, disciplined, and able leader, although lacking a sense of humor, Ryn has devoted her life to serving the Admiral and protecting her little sister. But things are starting to change and in order to fulfill one duty, she may have to give up the other... 

Marella Élan 
("mar-EL-lah" "EH-lan") 
She is the little sister of Ryn Élan and is employed at the capital city Landfall as a royal messenger. Like her sister, whom she adores, Marella is a Natural.  Unlike Ryn, Marella suffers from the usual fate of Naturals and was born insane.  Her talent is super speed.  Marella loves birds, sparkly or shiny objects, and is very cheerful. Despite her insanity and random, wandering chatter, she does have occasional flashes of deep insight, often in the form of rhymes.

Erasmus Ébrenn
("eh-RAZ-muss" "EH-brenn")
He is a two-tone wizard apprenticed at one of the Wizard Schools in Marina with his best friend Lanan Merrow. He is the second son in from a large farming family, but was the only one who showed signs of magical talent, which caused him to have a falling-out with his older brother, Marcus. Friendly, hardworking, and inquisitive, Erasmus has a strong love for animals and a talent for tinkering.

Scion Argent  
("SKY-ahn" "ARE-gent") 
He is the Admiral, the supreme leader of Marina, and a sorcerer, the most powerful kind of magic-user. Scion was chosen at a very young age to become the new Admiral and lost his left arm while fighting the barbarian horde that swept across western Marina. Scion was childhood friends with Ryn and Marella Élan and Ryn became his most trusted commander. However, recently he has been behaving in a more rash and callous fashion, very unlike his normally cautious and strategic manner.

Manuel Septum
("MAN-yoo-el" "SEHP-tum")
He is the youngest son of the powerful First Rank Septum family, but, due to the tragic (and convenient) deaths of his father and two older brothers, he is in complete control of his family's holdings. An ambitious and militaristic perfectionist, Duke Manuel was one of the Potential heirs to the Admiralty, but was passed over in favor of Scion Argent.  Now he serves as one of Admiral Scion's aides. 

Janus Fae
("JAN-uhs" "FAY")
She is a newcomer to the court of Landfall in Marina and has integrated herself with Admiral Scion Argent. There are a few rumors that she dabbles in dark magic, but nothing has been proven. Smooth and beautiful with a hint of danger, Countess Janus has become a favorite among the nobles, but something about her makes Captain Ryn Élan of the Ravens Company suspicious...

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