Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plot Writer versus Character Writer


I’m sorry, but "Plot Writer versus Character Writer" has moved here.  
I apologize for any inconvenience, irritability, or bodily harm this may have caused. 

My new website for The Cat’s Cradle is http://kvclements.com.  

Thank you, and happy reading!  


  1. We owe our characters, huh? Spoken like a character writer. Don't we owe our plots as well? xD

    Kudos on this one. I know my weakness (or strength, depending on your pov) is character creation... namely, I could go on and on plumbing the depths of a char...acter, their history, their evolution, their family, freinds, nemeses, and eventually end up with massive casts of fully fleshed out people running around furthuring their own development and not much else. With no plot to sustain my stories, they're really quite pointless. Perhaps I should look into collaboration?

    1. Since I AM a character writer, of course I'm going to speak from that perspective. ;-) But yes, you are right; we need to be kind to our plots as well.

      Collaboration can be a help or a hindrance. I don't play well with others, so collaboration isn't anything I'm considering. The only thing I'd collaborate on would be Astral Rain, and that's only for someone else to do the artwork for it. The story would be mine. It's always something you could research though.