Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Writer's Evolution


I’m sorry, but "One Writer's Evolution" has moved here.  
I apologize for any inconvenience, irritability, or bodily harm this may have caused. 

My new website for The Cat’s Cradle is http://kvclements.com.  

Thank you, and happy reading!  


  1. Jewel and the Skyrunners actually sounds like it has a fascinating premise. Sentient wings that the horses must be joined to? How original! Tell me that you're not scrapping this entirely. This would make an excellent children's book, or even series! (Isn't in funny how we were more original when we were younger? I've noticed that even though my writing was poor, my ideas were crazy-original as a child. I've learned how to better my writing, but my ideas have become more conventional. Do you think that in our journey to conform our styles to what is good, we also conform our ideas? Scary thought. Childhood and teenage story-ramblings are perfect places to find truly original ideas, I think.)

    You used The Great Valley in your childhood stories too??! In Chronicles of Shafona (which I have shamelessly plumbed for MisPan, as you know), the Dome was essentially the Great Valley... but sheilded with an actual dome shield- because I was never satisfied with the Great Valley's security!

    1. Nope, I haven't scrapped Jewel and the Skyrunners. It's just on the back burner for now while other, more mature and well-developed stories are worked on. I'm glad that you think the premise is so interesting! I thought so too, and that's why, eventually, I want to come back to it. I really think we were more original when we were little...mostly because we didn't have any experience or knowledge that said it couldn't be so. As we get older, we might be better able to articulate our ideas, but the ideas themselves often become more restricted by what we know. As Yoda says, "You must unlearn what you have learned."

      Great Valley for the win!