Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handy Books For Writers


I’m sorry, but "Handy Books For Writers" has moved here.  
I apologize for any inconvenience, irritability, or bodily harm this may have caused. 

My new website for The Cat’s Cradle is http://kvclements.com.  

Thank you, and happy reading!  


  1. Hi, Kat! Thanks for sharing your favorite selection of books for budding authors.

    I don't deal in sci-fi/fantasy much, but I think the difference between the two is that one deals with things that might happen in the future, and the other deals with completely fantastic realms. I might be wrong about that; what did the book say?

    "100 Things Every Writer should Know" sounds like a helpful recourse I could probably take on without taking forever to finish it! I haven't really read any long writer's guides, but two I had out for a time dealt with historical fiction.

    They were "The Writer's Guide to Colonial America" and "The Writer's Guide to Renaissance England." They are two of my favorite areas of history, so the books gave me lots of nice little incites for my tales.

    1. Thanks! Yes, your differentiation between sci-fi and fantasy is correct. Sci-fi deals with a mostly realistic projection of science and technology into the future while fantasy deals with magic and begins that (as far as we know) never have and cannot exist.

      I love 100 Things. It's a wonderful book and I think every writer should have a copy. I didn't realize that writer's guides could come on such specific topics!