Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Author Highlight: Charles Dickens


I’m sorry, but "Author Highlight: Charles Dickens" has moved here.  
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  1. Ha! Funny you mentioned Netflix... as soon as you mentioned this show, I checked it right away.

    Turns out there is a version of Little Dorrit streaming on Netflix, but it's not the one you described. This one is the 1988 version, and I put it in my Instant Que.

    Your version, 2008, *is* on Netflix, but DVD only. It's not streaming. So, for anyone who's interested, that's where it's at.

    1. Excellent! The only version of "Little Dorrit" we have is the 2008 version, so maybe we can watch the 1988 one at some point. I plan on purchasing the 2008 one so you'll get the chance to see it at some point.

  2. Hi, Kat!

    Thanks for the great movie review. You did just the right amount of description to tantalize your readers without giving away the whole plot.

    Does Adams Country have a copy of "Little Dorrit" in the system? I think I'd really enjoy that. I've never heard of that Dicken's story. Of course, I haven't really read much of his writings either...only "A Tale of Two Cities" and an adapted version of "Great Expectations".

    I agree with what you and another friend of mine said. Dickens was obviously a great writer with a great imagination, but sometimes his stilted style and deep contemplations tend to get the reader lost in the morass of his mind!

    And he also tends to take full advantage of "coincidences" and sprinkle them liberally throughout the text, almost to an excess. Did you know so-and-so's cousin was actually the coachman's long-lost daughter who eloped with so-and-so, etc.???? Do you read me? LOL!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    1. I'm glad my review gave enough to be interesting without giving anything away! It's harder for me to review shows or books I like than the ones I dislike because I don't want to give away any spoilers.

      Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of the book "Little Dorrit" in our system. (I'm actually reading the ones from a set of Charles Dickens' work that my uncle gave me.) But it looks like the York system has a copy of the book and the audiobook, if you are interested. ^_^

      Yes, in reading the book "Little Dorrit," I've noticed a tendency to get distracted by descriptions and the Circumlocution Office. It can still be very witty and interesting, but if you are reading the story primarily for Amy and Arthur...then it can be a little tiresome. His coincidences do sometimes push the boundaries of belief...but I think that's also part of his charm and style. ^_^

      I've only read "Great Expectations" and "A Christmas Carol" in full. I started "Bleak House" at one point but lost interest because it was so long, but I plan on tackling it again.