Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Year In Review


I’m sorry, but "The Year in Review" has moved here.  
I apologize for any inconvenience, irritability, or bodily harm this may have caused. 

My new website for The Cat’s Cradle is http://kvclements.com.  

Thank you, and happy reading!  


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  1. How do you write consistently write every day, and how can one know how to measure one's daily effort- by time spent, or amount written? It seems everyone I speak to is either firmly in one camp or the other. I'd like to see an analysis of the pros and cons of both camps, and why you chose to measure your daily writing by amount (word/page count) rather than time spent. :)

    Excellent post, by the way. As I'm sure you know, I agree so much with everything said here, completely. Here's to being cynical in the new year. *raise glass*